Why Its The Best/Only Way To Change ?


This method of management is not erasing all that human made till now

its “infecting” the Capitalism society without knowing and outside it its look like a normal corporate company

we playing along the “dirty” old game (monopoly – acquiring is the name of game )

but we are better at internal working because we are now are one and originate as one

compared to normal corporate company that only motivate on money


Another aspect worth telling is how the environment see us

its like a normal job but now u all set u have everything and the group take responsibility to all our needs

that can motivate lots of people to join ,if i could ever compere it Venus Project

its seems unlike people to join so quickly without seeing how its deffer then know

or too much changes from what they know



its open social management so any country or group can define and change their way to make things work

and share with each other their ways and the best way to work will choose like Evolution


So if summarize

* Not big change

* Much better then normal companies in all aspect

* More attractive then other New management

* Open for changes and change fast


edit: 23/4/12

Why Its The Only Way To Change ?

or why other ways will fail

The others way will fail cos they use the old money system

they have so many “bugs” “backdoors” that any one could exploit them

the ppls  who rule it will exploit it too not matter how nice them

we all have gens to survive which mean to get stronger economically


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