Social Capitalism 2.0 Main Idea

Social Capitalism 2.0



Our modern community is suffering from side effects of  Capitalism and  with Capitalism social too [welfare policy implemented in israel], such as poverty and crime and corruption

. Therefore required to repair and improve it.

What is Capitalism Social 2.0:

Organization party group worried about herself by sharing resources, money, work, human relations and information technology to improve the quality of their lives and of course efficient themselves.


In the first stage of the group’s connection or country they will make stores for all the information technology that everyone could develop it and then to produce it

In the second stage group will create a “bank” to  money resources at the same time expert people will elected that specialize in all areas that will decide where to invest the money

by improving technology the group get efficient and save money for developing better technology, of course, by the specialist’s Council guidelines

The group’s third step is to put absorb people that will help the group in any possible way money or technology expertise to maintain the stability of the group

after the group is stable it will absorb minorities and make them part of it in all the areas heath economic and of course education

בשלב הסופי היא תגיע לתור הזהב שלה היא תוכל להפוך למדינה אם היא התחילה כקבוצה

In the final stage is golden Atgyo line is you can make her country if she had started as a group

כל האנשים בתוכה יזכו לאיכות חיים הכי טובה במנימום זמן האפשרי יחסית ביחס לכל שאר המערכות החברתיות האחרות

All the people in the win will the quality of life במנימום best time possible relative to all the other systems in relation to other social

to be continue

here a google translattion im sorry cos im too short in time i will fix it soon


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