Social Capitalism 2.0 The General Idea

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Social capitalism 2.0 final

Social capitalism 2.0 The general idea

Version 2.0.2 Final
Date     2d/8m/2010
Author  aviv

Introduction – why we need this change

Our modern community is suffering from side effects that come with capitalism and even the soci-capitalism  [welfare policy implemented in our country] as poverty and crime and corruption etc…
Therefore necessary to correct and improve it.

What is Social Capitalism 2.0:
Party organization ,community , a group that cares for herself by sharing resources, money, work power, human relations, information technology to improve quality of life and resources saving to the group

The 4 Phases Implementation – How to make the change in moderate way without creating big problems
in the first Phase the Group (or Country) will team up and make database of technology info’  that all can access with limited permistion, so part of the group could product and make new advanded techlogy
In the second phase the group will create a “bank” which will have all the money at the same time, few choosen people that specialize in all areas will decided where we should invest our money
By the Technology imporvemnt the group will able to save money for the development of better technologies and ways of course according to specialize Council
In the third phase of the group is to enter people to the group to help ourself at any possible resource or money or technical info to maintain it stability
Its solid phase is able to help all minorities and make them part of the group at all levels of economic, health, education of course
The final phase is to reach its golden age, it could become a state if it started as a group
All the people in it will get the best quality of life in minimum possible time long in relation to the rest of the other social systems

Multilayered Implementation
In the first stage of the process will be levels of quality of life
rich wil be in hightest place of quality life and poor will have completing quality of life
Low level found in many people because many people are poor but because they are a lot of its output and efficiency will be felt quickly
The rich do not exceed the level of their quality because they are few but their quality is high enough anyway

Private Sector Implementation :
Each person will receive virtual money will be determined by experts

Types of virtual money:
Money for food – only virtual money for food
Internal production money – money to buy in the group
Foreign money – money to purchase or import outside the group
abroad money – money to buy imported from abroad
Intellectual money – money purchase spiritual Mall [Patents,Tech Information …]

The analysts and economists will adjust the economy of the group will determine what should and what should be less by setting the value of virtual money
by professionals Personal the group will decide the rate of “emigrate”  people with low incoming
to save the group from collapse

Examples of efficiency in the following areas:
Food – will be purchase mass of food to bring saving money
Or by produce in effective ways that will upgrade from time to time as necessary and efficiency
Transport – one of two ways will be its use of public transport will be spared to bring fuel control air pollution caps
The second is the sharing cars or bring rental cars that will bring significant saving
Housing- Construction will be by way of internal or rent or purchase a bring savings
Electricity – consider in a financial savings of efficiency, solar or wind
All areas can improve and streamline and achieve significant savings could be to optimize the system better or to improve the living standards of the group
Any improvement, any money will “divided” among all people, no salaried no worker no manger
all the upgrading is done in all our community


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