Conversations with God

Conversations With God By Neale Donald Walsch

this books talks about man Neale Donald Walsch

that start talk with god

Neale  had bad mood bad life for while  so he start asking god why its happened to me

suddenly god answer him

so what this books really about

after reading it [hearing it]

for long time

its about life what the meaning of it

well i can sum it to one row

the limitation of god the unlimited is  he must be limited to experience

the goodness of what he create

its mean that god cant experiences the goodness of him just know it

so that why he create this world this limited reality and us in his image

and put us here to experience the goodness while he aware our feeling

but we barley aware him[well kind of …]  to be able to experience it

yea u could say its sound like paradox but get ready for it the books full of it

that is way it goes with god 🙂

who will like to read this book ?

if really stuck in logic thinking and point of view on the life

u wont like it

if u kinda have opened mind that non-logic could be logic in same cases

u might like it

if wondering all the time how to do things different and really longing to new point of view of life

u will like it

if u see things as complex and pardox not at one point view

u will love this book


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