Social Capitalism 2.0 This group is meant to give a better suggestion for social management to our global community which will solve any problem and take the humanity to a gold age
in the shortest and fastest way by combining
resources  and disabling the laws the keep us from evolving rapidly

google group : http://groups.google.com/group/social-capitalism/topics?hl=en

download the PDF :


what i think about the NWO

i cant understand what is going on why its happening

why the gov doing it i mean control or just emergency time ?

if its control then its stupid cos nothing is last for ever

all time we changing all the time we think different

if its emergency time tell us what goes to happened

and the ppls that come with them the police the govers everyone that connect to them still working with them

its like i need to fight my self

all the power this man have is just his man the corporate with him


What i think about Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is gr8 movement but when it come to applying

its really not practical shifting whole world or many ppls from one social managemnt to another once could make big problems

but at the end or “gold age” its same idea just making the more mature way


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