The God Question

The God Question

Many years human race has been discus about GOD existences
well lets do that again

Before starting lets take a bit of time and explain 2 things about reality
there 2 things
1.matter – anything in our reality is matter even if its energy
2. space – allow the matter to integrate with the rest of our universe and moreover to be
[even is not something really, its something. its the something that not something yea its paradox what u could say]
now lets back to the subject

So after understanding our reality what is made of
lets see what the reality could be before even saying about GOD existences
there are 4 options
there could be reality with
1.matter and space [like ours]
2.matter without space without matter
4.without space and without matter

The option 2. cant be exist because matter can exist without space and cant be without integrating with other things around[its reality like option4.
the option3. could be but this is reality is really just nothing
so we just have 2 reasonable realities
number 1. and 4.
now u could say the simple logic is choosing that
option1. belong to GOD is exist
and option4.belong to reality that god isn’t exist

You can say that god isn’t exist at both options 1. and 4.
its could be logic too or find another logic choosing
but it more simple or more logic then other ways i think more people will find this more reasonable choosing

God is too complex and paradoxical to be understand or prove by example in our reality or any way else

only the soul can really tell/feel what GOD is.

dont look around look in urself like in CWG Book says….

if u believe that u are something not just bio-robot or anything else

u will come to conclusion that a part of GOD


~ by founder on October 14, 2010.

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