The Solution, Schaeffer Cox Speaks on the Future of the Liberty Movement

March 15, 2010 —

Schaeffer talks about forming competing governments and establishing common law courts with home grown militias. He focuses on creating local communities that seek to promote and live out the positive ideals of Liberty and Freedom instead of working with or against current government structures or political parties. He continually points out that tyranny always self destructs, but that it is our duty to have an alternative government to protects basic liberties and freedoms in the face of total economic and political collapse.

A little rough around the edges, Cox is an amazing storyteller and I can appreciate his logic and fresh direction for the freedom, liberty, constitutional and/or patriot movements.

The Solution Video part 1, putting government back into the hands of We the People. If you could find a way to end corruption in government and give the power back to the People, without violence, or spending much money, or lobbying for new laws, or electing any candidates, when would you want the information. See the movies at or go to for our blog.


~ by founder on May 28, 2010.

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